PUBLISHED IN 2011 The Enlightened Psychic;
Unlocking the Creative Source from Within

PUBLISHED IN 2010 The Skeptic Psychic;
An Autobiography into the Acceptance of the Unseen

The Awakened Psychic should be available in October!  Check back
soon for
more information...
Suzy offers
* Usui & Karuna Reiki and sessions & instruction  * Psychic Readings for you and/or your pet
* classes in Animal Communication, Energy Awareness and Meditation.
* Dolores Cannon method of Past Life Regression Therapy called QHHT
Hello and welcome, my name is Suzy. I could be identified through various titles; an Author,
Psychic/Medium, Spiritualist, Animal Communicator, Holographic Sound & Tibetan Bowl Healer,
Usui & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Past Life Regression Therapist, and/or a Fitness Instructor.
I think of myself as a New Ager, or Light Worker. I’ve reinvented the history I learned as a child,
and created a new spin on how I view reality.  I invite you to open your mind, and think out of the
box. Please enjoy reading my books and the services I offer as a path for you to look within
yourself and explore possibilities that previously appeared...impossible.

I have the ability to channel messages from unseen beings.  Angels, Aliens, Fairies, Spirits, the title
of these beings is held within the belief system of the reader.  I believe that the spirit who types
through my fingers when I need answers is an ancient Lemurian called Yellow Dog.  It is with his
help that I was able to write
The Skeptic Psychic; An Autobiography into the Acceptance of the Unseen.
I continue to share my story, my journey into the unknown, through
The Enlightened Psychic; Unlocking the Creative Source from Within
and I’m excited to announce that a prequel to this series
The Awakened Psychic
will be published soon.  
Please refer to my
link for more information.

If you need to experience in order to believe, then please hit my
Readings, Reiki or Classes links.
I offer Reiki sessions and teach Usui and Karuna Reiki.  I also do psychic readings for you, or your
pet, over the telephone, or I can travel to your home.  In October I’ll be resuming Energy
Awareness classes through Marie’s Center. Please check my classes page for topics
and dates. I'm still booking past life regression sessions as taught by Dolores Cannon. These
sessions last 3 to 4 hours so please budget your time and enjoy. For more information please
check out my
Regression page.

Thank you for your interest!

Suzy & Lily
Suzy Graf
working through the
Jasmine Plane LLC
Energy Awareness Classes @ Marie's Center on
Wednesday evenings will start up again on October
1st...  for more info go to my
classes page...
Suzy Graf
***A slice of reality beyond  
I’ll be presenting a free lecture on Animal
Communication & sample gallery style
through The Natural Living Expo,
Salon C @ 4PM on Saturday.  I’m also
exhibiting through
booth #15 all
weekend… stop by for a reading, purchase
a signed copy of one of my books, or just to
visit!  For more information on Expo go to